Blue King Oyster, Pleurotus Columbinus Eryngii

Through the cold winter months this is certainly a Mushy Farms favorite and during the summer it is perfect for growing indoors!

The Blue King oyster mushroom is a hybrid cross of… You guessed it. The Blue oyster and the King oyster. We aren’t really sure if Pleurotus Columbinus Eryngii is the correct name, but for now… It will work. There is much more to be concerned with than the name.

Colonization Temp: 45-80F, 72 optimal
Fruiting Temp: 55-??F, 72 optimal

We will be testing the maximum fruiting temperatures more this summer, 2022.

The Blue King Hybrid Oyster Mushroom

Similar to the blue oyster mushroom, this species of mushroom wants to grow fast and wants to fruit prolifically on a variety of materials that are often considered waste materials. Leaves, grass clippings, sticks, stems, dead trees, sawdust, paper, cardboard, and so muSh more! We don’t really know yet, but we are studying intensely.

Similar to the King oyster mushroom, the overall mushroom fruit body is just all around better. Better tasting, better texture, better storage. Unlike the King, the Blue King oyster mushroom really does want to grow fast and is willing to grow on so many waste materials.

Pleurotus Columbinus Eryngii, A Cold Pasteurization Candidate!

At Mushy Farms, we believe cold pasteurization techniques, employing waste materials as a bulk substrate, are a promising field of study for solving world hunger and poor nutrition issues! In our studies the blue king oyster has shown the ability to produce relatively large yields with very little energy needs on agricultural/ land wastes.